Hundreds of volunteers are needed to make the Indy Irish Fest a possibility. All organizers are volunteers also. The only groups or individuals who take money away from the event at the end of the week are the charitable organizations, the performers and the vendors.  This is truly a labor of love for those who work year-round to make it happen and we need your help.  We greatly appreciate those who donate their time and talent to make the fest a success.  Please join us and be a part of this brilliant weekend.



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Special thanks to the IBEW Local 481 Union electricians who donate countless hours every year.    


Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

When and where is Packet Pick up this year?


What should I do if I can’t get to a Packet Pick up?

You can have a friend or family member pick up for you or you can retrieve your packet when you check in for your shift at the Fest.

Is there designated parking for the volunteers?

Unfortunately no, we don’t have special parking for volunteers so we are all on our own. 

What do my efforts go toward?

The fest is organized and executed by a non-profit group of volunteers who want to present the wonderful Irish music, dance, sports, food and culture to the Indianapolis area.  In recognition of the Great Potato Famine that brought so many Irish to the United States, we partner with St. Vincent de Paul food bank to support them in their efforts to feed the hungry.  We gather food, encourage volunteering efforts at their organization and provide funding when possible.  Our funds also support local students of Irish music, dance, language and arts through the awarding of scholarships and grants for continuing studies or for the production of one-time cultural contributions.  In addition, we help support local Irish and non-profit charitable organizations by providing an event that allows them to raise funds as participants and pay that forward to the organizations that they support.  The fest has become the single largest fundraiser for many of the local charitable organizations.

When are shifts available?

The sign-up is generally available in mid-July.  

What can I expect on-site?

Shifts are 3-4 hours long.  We are in an outdoor setting so all setup is brought to the site and is limited to accommodations that can be made in a park.  Tents are provided for all positions as are folding tables and chairs.  There are times when the crowd will keep some volunteers on their feet but many positions involve staying seated.  The children’s area is mostly an active position as you keep up with moving targets.  

What are the responsibilities for each of the volunteer positions?

Admissions Gate:  Collect cash, check, credit card or previously purchased tickets to allow patrons into the Fest

Pop Sales:  Collect Food & Beverage tickets in exchange for pop or water

Food & Beverage Ticket Sales:  Collect cash, check or credit card in exchange for Food & Beverage Tickets.  Checking of IDs and securing wristbands for those who are over 21 and wish to purchase alcohol.

Alcohol Sales:  Collect Food & Beverage tickets in exchange for beer & wine.  Must be 21 to volunteer for this position and apply for a temporary beer/wine permit (paid for by the fest).  Must assist with reporting of anyone who appears to be over-served.  Consumption of alcohol while serving product is prohibited by Indiana State law.

Kids Area:  Positions will be assigned upon arrival but include admissions, game instruction & supervision, craft area activities & bounce house supervision.

Merchandise Sales:  Collect cash, check, or credit card in exchange for Merchandise (t-shirts, CDs, Koozies, etc). 

Why do I need to provide my driver’s license and address?

We take responsibility for the safety and security of our event very seriously.  For the benefit of all of the volunteers, the attendees and.the continuing success of the annual event, we do a cursory background check on volunteers.

What should I wear?

Your Irish Fest t-shirt (provided to you at Packet Pick-up) and shorts, skirts or long pants and comfortable shoes.  Remember that you are representing the Irish Fest so nothing too short or outrageous.  It is generally warm during the day, particularly in the sun, and can be quite cool in the evening.  Shade is provided where ever possible.  Bring a something warmer than a tee if you will be working late.

What should I do if I am going to be late or not make it to my shift?

Email or call 317-713-7117 or  as soon as you know that you will not be available for your scheduled time.

What if I am asked a question that I can not answer?

Refer them to your shift/volunteer manager or locate an Irish Fest staff member (identified by EVENT STAFF on the back of their t-shirts).  This includes media inquiries.

What do I do after my shift?

Be sure that a replacement for your job has arrived before leaving the area.  Then enjoy the fest!  If you are working the last shift of the day, an Irish Fest Shift/Volunteer Manager will release you.

* Listings and details subject to change. Check back often for latest updates.